Made in 3 hours for trijam 

Arrow key to move. 

clear all objectives(box with X on it) to advance

Game by Cringenut

Font "Pixelated" by Skylar Park

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio


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Great Game! The concept perfectly fits the Jam theme. Game looks good and runs smoothly. Also, its quite challenging, which is good! I think it's a great contender for the win!!! 

P.S. Only thing I could think of is to add some sounds.

P.P.S. I was also think about twist on snake, but mine would have to run and not get eaten by other snakes. Your idea is definitely awesome!

10 Snakes out of 10 


The concept of this game is fantastic, the visuals are great. Really fresh and new. Great to see.

A bit too punishing, the level resets when I feel like I should just die. Also feels a bit devoid of strategy, as you can move/position anywhere if you just nail the precise timing. Needs sounds.

Wonderful start to something. Continuing with the very high bar of game quality this TriJam. Awesome work!


I had a lot of cool idea for this game(Snake gets longer each line clears, limiting going up. etc) but sadly I didn't have time to do it :(
Anyways, thank you for playing and kind words!


No worries, it's TriJam, we all get cut short haha!

Playing it, it definitely seems like you got the most of the three hours, though, the game is really excellent. Great polish and visuals. And the core idea is so novel it carries itself a fair bit. I'd love to see you continue.


fun game, would like to see more


It is clever and fun to play! I like the minimalistic but lively snake btw.


Well done! Very good concept, allthough very hard. Maybe I'm just a noob though.